Pozitii sexuale ( part I ) – 69

Am gasit azi un site destul de interesant care explica si arata diverse pozitii ( partea frumoasa ca sunt bine aratate printr-o animatie in flash ) …deci vizionare placuta si have fun !

The old saying goes, its better to give then it is to receive… but when it comes to sex, we find it best to give and receive at the same time! The 69 family of sex positions consists of those alignments where two sexual partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously.

The 69 Sex Position is considered one of the best oral intercourse positions as it allows both partners to stimulate each other at the same time. Since the smaller partner may not enjoy having a substantially larger partner on top, in the standard form of 69, as in the animation above, the male is below. The inverse is true of the inverted 69…

Inverted 69, the inverted cousin of the traditional 69 position, is a great way to change the angles on the original. The top partner needs to make sure to position their genitals at the right height, as the bottom partner’s mobility tends to be a little restricted.

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