Romania, te iubesc!

Romania is a country somewhere in Eastern Europe. It has over 900,000 gypsies[srsly]. Romania is considered by most experts to be the Earth’s epicenter of fail. Romanians are a proud and tenacious people, best known for elevating the act of stealing to an art form. Romania is also well known for it’s high rate offetus pwnage.

Romanian History

Romanians/Gypsies have a very rich and interesting history, most of it involving one invading empire or another plowing them in the ass. This piece of information is not at all surprising, considering that the romanian nation was born as a result of roman pwnage inflicted upon the dacians.

Among the most notable nations that have trolled Romania are: The Ottoman Empire, The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the tatar hordes

It is a little known fact that during World War 2, the Romania was actually one of Hitler’s allies. Russia, using it’s superior military technology, eventually liberated the romanian people from the evil nazis. Some argue that the ruskies overstayed their welcome

In 1989, Ronald Raegan swooped down from the heavens and pwned the USSR using his secret weapon. The romanians were very grateful and have been mongling Lady Liberty’s star spangled cock ever since.

Romanian Economy

Romanians will sell anything that isn’t nailed down. The Romanian word for business is bishnitza and no self respecting Romanian business man would ever miss a bribe. Literally. Romania is really cold in winter so it’s likely they sell a lot of jackets, stolen from the few visiting foreigners who have a spark of interest in this little corner of the world. Romania doesn’t have a traditional form of currency, the most common method of payment being jenkem. The country’s main exports are gypsies and fail.

Dacia is the average romanian car.Every romanian starts learning how to drive on one of these. Some can fail.There is a saying in Romanian culture that if you learn to drive a Dacia you learn to drive any existing car. Dacia eventually was bought by Renault. From then Dacia got international. Being sold all over EU. Some argue that Dacia Logan, the first one to be made by Renault, is the best Dacia so far. But Renault failed to understand the needs of one car on romanian roads. Observe in the pictures.

Average Romanian before Renault

Regim Hotelier