Recunoasterea internationala de care avem nevoie

Recunoasterea internationala de care avem nevoie..

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Acest text este interzis minorilor sub 18 ani !!

Romanian profanity (înjurătură) refers to a set of words considered blasphemous or inflammatory in the Romanian language.

The Romanian language is considered to have a huge set of inflammatory terms and phrases. Profanities rarely differ from region to region in Romania, but there are differences when taking into account languages related to Romanian, such as the Aromanian and Megleno-Romanian languages. poponar, curist and găozar all refer to male homosexuals, roughly the equivalent of “faggot”, literally meaning something like “ass user”. All of these words are derived from other slang words relating to the anus or buttocks. A word formed in a similar manner is pizdar, which is a womanizer or “skirt-chaser”: someone who is obsessed with women. Bulangiu, which is generally translated as “faggot”, is used of a man who doesn’t want to do something that he should do. It is a harsher equivalent of “slacker”. There are many other words referring pejoratively to male homosexuals, but those discussed here are generally the most common.

A puţoi is the possessor of a puţă (see below). It is used either as an insult towards someone suspected of having a small penis, or a rough equivalent to “punk”, that is, an immature boy that tries to act “tough”.

Nenorocit, originally an old popular phrase, that literally translates as “unlucky”, is now used in a powerfully pejorative sense, similarly to “motherfucker” in English. It is used mostly in the vocative form “nenorocitule”.

Lăbar and labagiu are rough equivalents of jerk-off. They are used to describe a male who masturbates more often than is absolutely necessary.

Peşte, which literally means fish, colloquially refers to a pimp. The women who work for a peşte are: curvă, târfă, traseistă, and muistă. Muistă refers to a prostitute who specializes in fellatio. There is a male equivalent, muist that means “cocksucker” and generally refers to a homosexual male. Târfă also means “bitch” in some contexts…..

The female anatomy

A common word for the breasts is balcoane, the plural form of balcon. This literally means “balconies” and in context is used as the equivalent for “hooters”.

Pizdă, which is phonetically identical to its many Slavic cognates (including Polish, Slovenian, Russian, Rusyn, Serbian and Bulgarian), is a common word for the external female genitalia, particularly the labia, but also including the vagina. It is an equivalent to “cunt” in English. (This can also mean anything that is ‘cool’, good or nice as in: “Masina asta noua e pizdă, frate.” meaning “This new car is cool, bro” whereas “pulă” is sometimes used to describe “uncool” things as in: “Masina asta veche e ca pula” meaning “This old car is uncool (is a wreck)” although this is less common. ), another word for vagina is “mingeac” , used in some areas . A less offensive word for the vagina is păsărica, which literally means little bird. This word is closer to “pussy” in English. Lindic (from the Latin word landīca) refers to the clitoris. (”Clitoris” is also used in regular language.)

  • bulan: roughly equivalent to “dumb luck” but it can also mean a woman’s thigh (or leg) the word “burlan” (meaning water drainage pipe) is also used
  • a bulăni: to touch or caress a woman’s thighs (is considered offensive by some women unless they agree to it and can result in charges of sexual harassment)

General anatomy and bodily functions

The buttocks and anus also have a number of words dedicated to them in Romanian. Buci (the plural of bucă) refers to the buttocks, as “ass cheeks” in English. Cur (From Latin culus, cognate to Spanish and Italian culo, French and Catalan cul and others), găoază and ochi maro refer specifically to the anus (cur and găoază meaning “asshole” and ochi maro meaning “brown eye”), while fund refers to the whole of the backside and popou can refer to either, depending on the way it is used. (Note that the words găoazar, fundaş and poponar are derived from găoază, fund and popou respectively. These words pejoratively refer to male homosexuals, literally meaning something like “asshole user”.)

  • floci (plural of floc): pubic hairs.
  • căcat: shit
  • căcare: shitting; shit as in “to take a shit” from the Latin word “cacāre” meaning to defecate
  • laba: masturbation (literally “paw”)
  • futai, futere: sexual intercourse
  • muie: blowjob, oral sex (from “muian” which is an old Romanian word for “face” still used in some rural areas although “faţă” is now used the most.)
  • caca: children’s word for shit
  • pipi: children’s word for piss
  • pişat: piss

Romanian has a number of particularly specific words related to semen. The most common of these is sloboz, a word derived from Bulgarian, which describes “cum” in general. Some less common synonyms are gheţ, smârcâz, smecleu, morhoz and malachie. These are a few more specific words for semen.

  • Mehlem describes a state of cum, after a few minutes in open air.
  • Zmatca is the second grade of “cum degradation”, after ‘mehlem’. In this state, the ejaculate has been left out for a few hours. It now has a certain smell of rotten egg and a disgraceful view.
  • Hasmaz is the final state of cum degradation. Sometimes it is used to describe a woman’s “pussy leakings”, that have a very unpleasant smell and look, a white colour, that usually have their origins in some diseases or because that kind of women do not respect elementary hygienic rules.

Profane phrases

As in English with phrases such as “go fuck yourself,” Romanian has many common (and sometimes lengthy) vulgar interjections.

  • Sporca-i-m-as in supa matii (I squirt in your mom’s soup) : used rarely and when angered
  • Luaţi-aş faţa-n erecţie: is a rarely used phrase, encountered specially amongst people with a little more imagination that the average Joe. Means the same as îţi dau la muie
  • mănânci căcat: literally “you eat shit” roughly equivalent to “talk shit” in English
  • sugi pula: one of the most commonly used Romanian profanities, it literally means “you suck cock,” generally used to mean “blow me”
  • să-mi beleşti pula (or beli-mi-ai pula): very commonly used, literally meaning “rob my cock”, could be translated as “give me a handjob”
  • ia pula: an alternative to “sugi pula”, it literally means “take the dick”
  • îţi dau la muie: another way of saying “I fuck your mouth”
  • Ia la muie!: “Get fucked in the mouth!”
  • Mânca-mi-ai… !: “Eat my…” Used in conjunction with a variety of words, including pula, pizda, coaiele, curul and căcatul
  • ce pula mea ?: literally “What my dick,” equivalent to “what the fuck” in English. Expresses a state of confusion, frustration, uncertainty. It is also used in place of simply “ce” as a strong intensifier (as in “de ce pula mea,” meaning “why the fuck”)
  • futu-ţi morţii tăi: literally “fuck your dead relatives” it is a common profanity in Romania although some people may consider it a blasphemy as it means disrespect for the dead. Can also be stated as “luati-as mortii in pula” meaning “I should take all your dead relatives in my dick”
  • mă piş pe tine (pe voi)!: “I piss on you!”
  • eşti futut în cur: you are “high and mighty”(literally “you have been fucked in your ass”)
  • mă cac pe tine: I shit on you
  • du-te în pizda mă-tii: “Go back into your mother’s pussy” (literal translation); formal meaning: “Go fuck your mother”.
  • du-te în pula mea: “Go inside my dick” (literal transaltion; it means being penetrated by one’s cock); formal meaning: “Fuck off”.
  • dă-te-n sloboz: “Go into semen” meaning: “Fuck off”.
  • (la) naiba’: (to) the devil; roughly, equivalent to “damn”
  • (la) dracu: (to) the devil (from the Latin “draco” meaning devil); equivalent to “damn!”, “(be) damned!”
  • du-te la dracu: “go to hell!”, literally “go to the devil”; also “du-te dracului”
  • nu te fute cu mine: don’t fuck with me
  • te fut în gură: I fuck your mouth (also “futu-te-n gura” and “ti-o dau sus”), but more accurately “Blow me”.
  • te fut în cur: I fuck your ass
  • te fut în nas: I fuck your nose
  • dracu’ să te ia: “the devil should take you”
  • să fii al dracului: “you should belong to the devil”, “go to hell”
  • să fiu al dracului or al dracului să fiu: “I’ll be damned!”.
  • târâ-mi-aş coaiele pe coliva mă-tii: “I would like to put my balls on your mother’s koliva“. (Koliva – a traditional funeral cake in Romania).
  • usca-mi-aş chiloţii pe crucea mă-tii: “I would like to dry my underware on your mother’s cross.”
  • sa iti fut copii in inima: “i’ll fuck your children in the heart”
  • Futu-ti cremonii mătii:”fuck your mom cremons”
  • Futu-ti ceapa mătii:”fuck your mom’s onion”

Verbal (infinitive) profanities

This includes simple verbs and verb phrases.

  • a o pune: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to put it,” “it” being the penis)
  • a şi-o trage: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to pull it,” with “it,” as above, being the penis)
  • a da în geantă: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to hit the purse”)
  • a băga mielu’ la căldură: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to take the lamb somewhere warm”)
  • a băga lemnul in sobă: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to put the wood into the fireplace”)
  • a băga osul in ciorbă: to have sexual intercourse (literally “to put the bone into the soup”)
  • a o lua în mână: to masturbate (literally “to grab it with the hand”)
  • a face degeţica: to masturbate (only used of female masturbation)
  • a da cu bidineaua: to masturbate(literally “to brush”)
  • a se juca cu răţuşca: to masturbate(literally “to play with the rubber ducky”)
  • a da la labă: to masturbate(literally “hitting the paw”)
  • a (se) fute: to fuck; to have sexual intercourse (from the Latin “futuere”). The word can be used in a number of ways for example if one asks if a young female “se fute” this means he actually inquires if she has had sex before or if she is open to the idea.
  • a codoşi: to pimp someone
  • a face trotuarul: literally meaning ‘doing the sidewalk’ means prostituting one’s self(because prostitutes often stand on sidewalks while attempting to attract potential customers. A similar expression is ‘a vinde pizda’ which literally means “selling pussy”. In regular language “a se prostitua”, “to prostitute one’s self” is used.
  • a da nămolul la deal or a impinge nămolul la deal or a ridica mămăliga la deal: literally meaning “to push the mud uphill” means “to fuck in the ass”
  • a arăta muie: showing the middle finger pointing upwards roughly equivalent to “flipping the bird” in English
  • a da la buci: to have anal sex. Very commonly used also with the meaning of having normal sexual intercourse
  • a da limbi în pizdǎ: to give cunnilingus (literally “to give tongue inside the pussy”)
  • a da la magazia cu damf: to make anal sex (literally “to hit the reeked storeroom”)
  • a manca salam barbos cu curul: to make anal sex (literally “to eat bearded salami with the ass”)
  • a impinge cacatul la roaba: to make anal sex (literally “to push the shit in the wheelbarrow”)
  • ochiul maro: ass (literally “brown eye”)
  • ochiul cu gene incalcite : asshole (literally “the eye with tangled eyebrows”)
  • a cobori mosul in beci: to have intercourse (literally meaning “to lower the old man into the basement”)
  • a parca shorloboanca: to have intercourse (literally meaning “to park the dick”) – (shorloboanca – synonym of pula)
  • a da cu mobra-n gaste: to have intercourse (literally meaning “to run the mobra into the geese”) – (mobra-type of motor bicycle – used as a synonym for pula)
  • a face o memeaca: – synonym with a lua la muie which means blow job
  • a da la biriboanca: – synonim with a da la buci in other words to have sexual intercourse
  • a baga magarul in beci: – synonim with a da la buci in other words to have sexual intercourse
  • a deschide viitorul: – synonim with a dezvirgina in other words to have sexual intercourse with a virgin women

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